Safe and Sound in San Fransico

There are never enough words to explain the excitement that builds inside of me when I am going to see my oldest mate in the world. This journey is so different from all the others we have shared as I FINALLY get to meet his lovely wife.

While Brendan and I have been blessed to see each other many times over the years when he has travelled to South Africa, I have not been able to meet the love of his life in person Naoko till today!

Thanks to technology we have had many FaceTime, Whatsapp and Skype calls and conversations, however today I finally got to hug her. What a blessing. I am truly grateful.

I start my 9 day journey in San Fran today and it has started with a great Braai, great tunes and lots of laughs. I am truly utterly thankful for ever second.

Seattle SUP and Sites

Yesterday I got to have some time on the water and it was amazing. Again Seattle did not disappoint. Heika and I drove to Tacoma to have a paddle. It was Heika's first time on a SUP and I must say I think I have another convert.

The area we paddled has a spectacular view of the Olympics (mountain range) and a great Waterfront vibe. There were about 20 other paddlers out at the same time which I always find exciting as it just shows how this sport is growing everyday.

While Heika got the feel for the SUP I could not resist getting some exercise and fitness training in. I managed to get 7km in for the hour we had so was super stoked about that. The best part was that my shoulder seemed to hold up and managed the paddle with relative ease.

We then went and had dinner at their new Waterfront development and watched the sun go down over the Sound. Today I am off to downtown Seattle then will be traveling to one of the Native American Museums and sites to see more of the history here.


Thanks Sin City I am off

Last night I made an effort to get out and see the craziness of the Strip one last time. And crazy it was.  At 115 Fahrenheit it was like walking in an oven.  I chose to walk as trying to keep the cardio up while I am away and keep the exercise regime up.  

The city was off  the charts last night with a Bruno Mars concert and a huge final of a Poker competition.  I must however say I never did the gambling thing.  I really do struggle with that vibe as I look around and see the magnitude of pensioners sitting at machines gambling away their life savings. I just can’t relate to that. 

I saw the amazing fountain light shows at both the Bellagio and the Volcano show at the Mirage. These happen mostly on the hour and are choreographed to music with amazing lighting design.   

I then took a monorail to “Old Vegas”. This is almost like a light canopy over the original Vegas strip.  It’s very Interesting to see and have lots of casinos and bars too.  I feel like I saw as much as possible while I was here.  

Thanks Sin City for the craziness….. Seattle here I come. 

Reconnection and Discovery

Friday 7th July 16:35pm I finally touched down in Denver Colorado.  For the last 32 hours I had been in transit and I am finally here.  It was all kinda surreal to be honest.

When I landed in Dallas I had 2 hours to collect my luggage, get through customs and then get to my connecting flight.   I thought at least I have time for a quick coffee, however I did not realize that to get to my boarding gate I had to take a Sky train to get there.

Following a sprint to the train I managed to make it just in time.   I boarded the flight and then we sat on the runway for 20 minutes.  Its kinda surreal when you realize that the airport requires a 12 minute train ride to your boarding gate.

Arriving in Colorado was filled with great excitement.   Marley and Patrick were waiting with big smiles and welcoming hugs.  Marley Man is so much like his mom and has her incredible vibrant spirit.  He has a beautiful open heart and a laugh that bubbles out of him.    Patrick has created a life for this little guy that is filled with so much love and dedicated attention that it fills my heart with joy.

The weather is warm and the city is filled with wide open spaces and beautiful walks and trails.   We took a walk up to Red Rock Ampi-theatre which certainly challenged both my knees and lungs.   Walking up to the theatre meant that we were at 2000m altitude.  The three main rocks that make up the Amphitheatre are know as “Creation Rock”,  “Stage Rock”, and “Ship Rock”.  It is a truly amazing feeling to stand and look at this magnificent stage and setting for a concert.

I have been blessed to spending special times with Patrick and Marley and have gotten to meet Patrick’s sister and family which has been a truly warm and welcoming experience.   My next journey will be the beginning of my special Native American medicine work with Wes and Victoria.



Transit to USA

It’s amazing the people you meet on the plane.  I have the pleasure of being seated next to a young lady that give me hope for our country.  19 years old and on her first International flight as part of the Bishop Tutu Leadership program.

This young lady lives in Grassy Park and leads a Community Protection Program. She believes it’s important to get youth behind their own communities and help in keeping fellow communities members safe.  
It makes me feel excited that we have amazing young people like this who are being the change they seek in the world. #proudlysouthafrican! 

Soul Journey

The Journey Begins –  First Stop USA 

Thursday 6th July – Cape Town International

Its finally here, I am off.  Today I begin a 5 week journey of a life time.  After 7 years of living with this challenging disease I am taking my life back.  I am choosing to live and explore and embrace all that makes my soul smile.

For 10 years I have been walking the Beautiful Red Road, the most introspective journey and a truly challenging one.  This journey has taught me the ways of the Native American Indian people and has shared great wisdom and insight into a lot of what we take for granted in life.

The first stop of my journey has come together seamlessly and I am getting the opportunity to work with 2 incredible teachers who will share their knowledge, time and   experiences with me.   I also get to meet my dear friend Sita’s son Marley and see her husband.  Sita unfortunately lost her fight to cancer before I could see her but now I get to meet her little boy and spend time with her husband.

I then travel onto Los Vegas where I take a helicopter trip to the Grand Canyon and I get to enjoy a few adventures there.  I shall be going into one of the oldest Native Villages located in Havasupai Falls, which no doubt will be a magical experience.

My trip then takes me to Seattle to visit my special friends Heika, Noelle and Brian.  Seattle is one of my favorite cities in the world.  Over the last 7 years while I have been unable to travel due to health issues, Heika has become a mom to 2 beautiful girls and shall finally get to meet them.

From Seattle I am off to my oldest childhood friend Brendan in San Francisco and I shall be meeting his beautiful wife.   While we have had many Skype and Whats App chats I will now finally be meeting the love of my friends life and his new family.   We are going to spend time SUPping, Surfing and adventuring up to Lake Tahoe and many other spots along the way.

The last leg of the USA trip ends with Miami.  Miami is the home of my special friend Evan.  I unfortunately did not get to make to Miami for his wedding to his gorgeous wife Meredith 3 years ago as I had, had a rather challenging time with my health and doctors would not let me fly! Well the wait is over……………… I am finally on my way

Change as good as a Holiday!!!

They say change is as good as a holiday! Who the hell are “They” anyway? There is nothing quite like taking an ADHD control freak and telling her she can’t work? WTF? Following some rather challenging health news of late I have been told to stop working in order for my body to heal.  What confuses me is how does a person who generally operates at 300km per hour slow down without a serious amount of disruptions and confusion? I have always been on turbo mode, I have never really done well with switching gear and going slowly. I am now supposed to take things easy, relax, switch my mind off.  Ja right, that is like telling a 4 year after a sweet guzzling, cake chopping birthday party to calm down and go to sleep. Like that’s going to happen without a whole lot of kicking and screaming? I can’t say that I have quite started kicking and screaming but I do tend to act out and engage in chaotic outbursts of excessive Positive Grapery (in layman terms Wine Quaffing) and have been known to accept many reverse charges calls from Mr Cuervo. I generally except the charges of these calls as long as the Tequila is Gold and Ice cold without much protest. This of course is a simple distraction and allows the high-speed brain to slow down just slightly and stop over analysing the situation. The question is the where to from here? I have therefore decided to embark on my very own Shirley Valentine journey. I haven’t quite started talking to wall yet but to prevent me going off my rocker I am going to Greece for a month. The way I see it I shall be relaxing while giving my incredibly overactive mind an opportunity to indulge in the flavours, culture and of course the Positive Grapery of Greece.