Facing Fear

This week I confronted one of my greatest fears. I started to study again. Throughout my school career, studying was a big challenge for me. I had a learning disability and found studying hard when I had to read large amounts of material.

I have always been a visual and auditory learner and therefore the thought of taking on an 10-week Digital Marketing course was both terrifying and exciting. I however decided to put on my big girl panties and jump in with both feet.

As I opened the first lesson I felt overwhelmed by the amount of reading and information I needed to get through and started to doubt my decision. I then stopped myself and remembered a great article I had read the week before about how we process fear and how to over come it. I remembered how this article spoke about creating acronyms from words to shift the way you think about them.

I looked at the word FEAR and decided to break it down and shift the meaning to help me whenever I got a fearful feeling. I did this by creating my own acronym. F = Focused E= Energy A= Activates R= Results. This allowed me to create a positive association with my fear. As I start to feel anxious or overwhelmed I just repeat this acronym like a mantra.

It really has helped me during this first week. While I am not saying I am not still very nervous but now I am just more focused on activating results. In life I believe we often shy away from taking a chance or stepping into something that is challenging as we are afraid of failure, however if we don’t take a chance and just do it, we will never grow.

So as you start your day today think about what it is that you have always wanted to try and have been too afraid to do and just do it!

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