Self Love and Respect

  • This week has been a true test of my will and a real journey into Self Love and Respect. The journey of Self Love and Respect is a journey that every single one of us on this planet are walking everyday of our lives. I honestly believe it’s the greatest challenge of daily life for everyone.
  • Part of this journey is to understand that putting yourself and your well-being first is not a selfish act, it is the most loving and healing thing you can do for both you and all those that surround you.
  • We live in a society of expectation, pressure and an underlying sense of entitlement. There are so many people in this world that have truly lost touch with what is really important in life and have become consumed by “Stuff”.
  • Surviving the last 7 weeks of infections, surgeries, and a number of complications has taught me the greatest lesson of all. I have been learning this lesson regularly for the last 12 years and have slowly but surely been shifting and changing my life to a space where “Stuff” and “Things” have very little relevance to me and how I live my life.
  • No material thing is ever going to make or break you as a person. Connection, experiences and conversations are what matters. Spending time with people that are important to you and doing things that support your highest good are the “things” and “stuff” that matters.
  • What you earn, where you live, what car you drive and the things you “own” don’t define you or your worth. Integrity, authenticity, respect, kindness and actions define who you are in this world. How you treat yourself and the people you engage with on a daily basis is key to living a good life.
  • I have had the opportunity to observe and reflect a lot over the last 7 weeks and have realised how important it is to listen to your intuition and to listen to what your body is trying to tell you.
  • One of the greatest gifts we have been given in this lifetime is that gut feeling. The feeling we often get when something feels out of place of off kilter. Often I have ignored those feelings as I think I am being silly or over sensitive and yet every time I have ignored the feeling my intuition has been right.
  • Self love and respect is so key to survival as if we do not have enough of this in our lives we really can’t offer the world the best version of ourselves. If in life we constantly put everyone’s needs above our own we will land up being completely depleted and worn out.
  • So today as you start your day think about what will make your soul smile and do that. Think about who you care about and let them know. Be kind to yourself and people around you, kindness doesn’t cost you a thing but it could make the biggest difference in someone’s life without you even knowing it.

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