Love your Tribe

I truly believe in life we all have a Tribe that help us learn, grow and believe in what’s possible. This Tribe comes in many forms they are family, friends, colleagues, doctors and even sometimes foes. They are the people who are your teachers and are there to remind us that every second and every moment in life is to be revered and appreciated and never taken for granted.

I am so utterly blessed to have such an amazing Tribe of people in my life who have helped me to just keep my mind focused and remember that every second of every day is a blessing. I have learnt an immeasurable amount over the last 46 years of my life and an so thankful for the teachers that have come in so many forms.

The last month has been my toughest month living with this combination of auto-immune diseases and it has taken me to some of the darkest, scariest places I have ever been. I have experienced trauma to my body that has literally had my nerve endings shaking uncontrollably. When something like this happens however it brings such clarity and awareness to what is real and what you will and won’t spend your valuable energy on And that all you can really do is be utterly grateful for the teaching.

I am a Warrior and people know me that way. I am the person who will always stand up and face what comes at me. I have had the honor of walking the Beautiful Red Road for the last 12 years and have learnt so much from these ancient Native American Teachings on what is truly important and how to connect deeply with what is being taught to you.

I have taken part in something called the Dance to Heal the Earth for 4 years now and in my first year I was given a Native American Name and it is Standing Tree Heart. My roots reach deep into the ground and my branches reach high into the universe connecting me to all that is and all that is possible. I was created to be the change I want to see in world, we all were actually but we all just connect with this in different ways.

I am a person who believes that you have the right to connect with life in whatever way works best for you and in some people that is through a chosen religion and some people it’s no religion or belief in religion and all of it is ok and exactly as it should be.

I do not push my beliefs or way of connecting onto anyone as that is not my right or responsibility. I do not judge anyone for what they choose or don’t choose to believe as again that’s not my business or right. But I do have an incredible connection with God and the higher power I call Great Spirit and I am utterly grateful for this relationship as it just gives me a sense of true love and understanding.

I love my Tribe of diverse special people that fill my heart with joy and bring so much to my world. I have an amazing Tribe that help me remember every day that there is SO much life to live and be appreciative for. I have a Tribe made up of eclectic personalities, religious preferences, sexual preferences and races and I LOVE that I have that, it is such a blessing.

Today I woke up in my own bed for the first time in 3 weeks feeling like I can REALLY do this. I can get back up and moving and heal and that it may have to be at a slower pace than I normally like to move but I can do it and it is because I have the most amazing Tribe who have my back. I accepted that my body has taken a hammering and I need to be gentle and patient and just do what I can when I can and that’s ok.

It’s called loving yourself enough to listen to what you need. It’s so important to remember that NOTHING is the end of the world or so important that you need to put yourself in harms way. That trying to keep everyone happy at your own expense is going only damage you and only you will pay the price. So stop worrying about what people think of you, stop worrying about other people’s perceptions of what they need you to be. And start focusing on how you can best be of service to the world in an authentic way from a place of love.

Today as you start your day, be honest and check in with yourself and see if you are doing what you choose to do to have an impact on the world authentically. Check in and give yourself permission to slow down or speed up if it is what you ultimately need. You see the only way we really are going to Heal this earth and this planet is to do the work internally first. The only way we are going to be the change we seek in the world is to literally and physically BE that change. It is all possible and totally achievable as long as we BELIEVE it is.

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