Life in Perspective

As I lie here tonight on the evening of my 46th Birthday I am truly able to put Life into perspective. As most of you know I ALWAYS do something for my birthdays as my mom always says it’s the one day it’s ALL about YOU.

Well today was always going to be a little different from normal as I was gonna be in hospital and while I was not thrilled about it, I had made peace with it. The most incredible thing however was the amount of love care and kindness that was shown to me today that helped me put life even further into perspective.

Kindness and Love really is all we need to make the world go round and my oh my was I blessed with this in every way today. The depth of thought that went into making me feel utterly loved and appreciated was beyond comprehension. I started my morning pretty tired as again had struggled with another coughing fit just before midnight. My body was sore and flaring and my pain was draining and I felt pretty low. However this was not something that was gonna remain as in came Moni my legend nurse with a smile and care and got me all settled and comfortable.

Once he had me settled he proceeded to hand me a chocolate from his wife and son and say I got to wish you first! I just loved that he was immediately able to bring a smile to my face and turn a rather uncomfortable time into something special. What a special being he is.

My next encounter was being delivered tea by Tiffany and a song and kisses and hugs from Esme and Annamarie the ladies who make sure all my circulation and vitals are all doing what they need to be doing at 5 am. Such a sweet sweet thing indeed.

At 7:30 am I then suddenly had the entire morning staff of the ward come to my room and sing Happy Birthday to me in the most incredible show of affection I have experienced in a long time. Being the sentimental sap I am I was just blown away.

Then one by one special dear friends and family each started calling, FaceTiming, bringing Balloons, Home-bakes, Gifts and just an unbelievable amount of love. If you know me you know that I am not someone who needs expensive flamboyant things, I am someone blown away by sentimental thoughtfulness. Today I was completely surrounded by exactly that and more. Kindness, awareness, love, care and complete thoughtfulness.

I was not able to dance around and be the life and soul of the party like I normally am but was able to lie in my bed and be utterly appreciated, spoilt and feel totally thankful and grateful that I am alive.

So while the last 10 days in hospital have had a substantial amount of challenges and hurdles, they have also had so many teachings of what really is important in life. I choose to take the blessings of this experience of real kindness and hold it in my heart as my driving force for 2019.

Thank you to each and every single person who made my day a day filled with such love.

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