Connection the Greatest Gift

Today I woke up extremely anxious and nervous about my impending surgery. But within minutes I was reminded by Great Spirit how utterly blessed and loved I am.

In this day and age we spend a lot of time NOT being physically connected with people due to how busy and cluttered our lives are. That being said the fact that we can connect with people all over the world through technology, FaceTime, Skype, What’s App, Facebook and of course Instagram means that people who are far away can at least touch base and be as present as possible in that moment.

I still believe that there is so much need for people to not be lazy and slip into thinking they are connecting by simply watching social media and seeing what’s going on their lives and assuming by doing that people know you are thinking of them. It’s a habit we have all slipped into at times and can be part of the reason that a lot of folk only portray the best version of their lives on these platforms.

Today however through reaching people on a real level and discussing my anxiety over what I am facing daily and the complexes I encounter with my body, I have discovered how many people really are in need of connection. They need to hear it’s ok to be sad or pissed off or scared.

Thank you to every single special person who has reached out, checked in, brought me healthy snacks, delivered flowers and given me hugs and love. I feel utterly blessed to know that you all have me in your prayers and hearts today and am definitely a lot less anxious for my day ahead.

So today as you start your day think about who maybe be going through something, who may need a hug and who might just need to know you care and reach out and connect with them. Love really does make the world go round and it doesn’t need to be more complicated than that.

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