Bring it on Baby Shark!

When you live with chronic illness and constant pain sometimes you find yourself looking deeply into searching for the lighter side of stuff and sometimes it’s just bloody hard.

Today was one of the days where I felt like I literally needed a bulldozer to dig deep. Yes I do always find the light and always will prevail with a positive outlook and will slap on my tap shoes and dance into the experience , but I also can’t and won’t pretend that somedays I get truly pissed off.

The journey of the illusive unrealiable sandshark vein raised its head again today and now I sit waiting for the next episode of “Hunt for the Red October”

Tonight I could not throw on some of my trusty tunes as to add insult to injury my computer decided to have an asshole collapse and go on strike and smack bang bandy koot went my internal hard drive. I mean come on REALLY!

My barrage of scans and tests today have uncovered a rather inconvenient mass in the top of my sinuses which now has to be removed. The toxic little shit is causing the challenge with my lungs and is all very annoying as it must now go.

On a serious note this is all a bit terrifying for me as I have a complicated case with weird infections so surgeries are not a walk in the park for me and come with a substantial amount of discussion and consideration between my team of ologists. (As I call the incredible team of doctors I am blessed to have)

So the journey to find humour in the situation began. What is it that I can do not to get sucked into the abyss of woe is me and why me and all that shit. Well I found the solution! I decided to tap into something that brought me great joy and lots of laughter during my past trip to china and that was “Baby Shark”. It seemed fitting to use the little cartoon song that was our anthem on the daily bus trips with little Koa King to each competition day at world champs to entertain him on the bus.

You see there is always somewhere to go with your mind to create the distraction you need and replace the dark scary moments with light uplifting ones. It really is the only way to get though the tough days. So now as I wait for them to put up the next drip I have my friends kindle playing Baby Shark and am laughing my head off thinking back to great nostalgic moments with special peeps.

So in those moments of your day when it all gets the better of you always try to find the humour even if you need a bulldozer. Bring in the joy and anything becomes manageable!

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