Music my trusty companion

Music is such a great blessing in the world. I don’t know about you but I always find there’s a song or a soundtrack for most situations. I have a collection of playlists that have a range of names for the mood I am in. My mates often laugh at what I name them but to this human being it all makes complete sense.

Today was another rather challenging day of interesting moments in hospital as I was engaging in what I call “The hunt for the Red October” or operation find a vein. I swear my veins are a bit like sand sharks they see a needle coming and they are like nope I am out of here. And they literally flatten and go into hiding.

This of course is not helpful when the docs are trying desperately to get meds into me to help open up my lungs. While it’s incredibly painful for me, I am kinda used it but I do feel for the poor nurses who have to try find the vein.

Today I thought I was just gonna plug in my earphones and listen to some great Rock music while they prodded and poked in search of the illusive vein. It was comforting to be listening with my eyes closed to one of my old favourites “Dolphins Cry” as they struck gold.

I did chuckle to myself as I opened my eyes to see the nurse having a giggle as during the process I had clearly been singing the song with a very raspy voice throughout the process.

So next time you feeling a bit overwhelmed or that something is more than you can handle, I recommend popping your earphones in and singing at the top of your voice! Why not turn an unpleasant situation into a laugh. I know it certainly made it a lot easier for me.

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