Energy Flows where Attention Goes!

Today I woke up after a truly tough night of coughing and struggling to breathe. The feeling of claustrophobia is terrifying and when you can’t get oxygen in it’s a real leveller. While I was struggling last night to get the air in, it made me so aware of how much we take for granted the greatest blessings in our life.

Air is essential to life of all forms on this planet and currently our irresponsible behaviour as human beings has put a lot of our much needed air at risk and filled it with pollution through our pure unconscious consumerism and excess production of “STUFF”.

It’s easy to point fingers play the blame game, however it’s actually easier to just do something about it and become the change you wish to see in the world.

I find that people are often daunted by the constant negative messaging about our climate, pollution, water shortages and natural disasters occurring. They go into anger and wars and debates and fear when actually all they need to do is play their part in making the change we need.

Change is an amazing thing , all you need to is become more responsible about how you consume, what packaging you use and how you recycle, up-cycle and dispose of your waste.

You need to be mindful of how you use your power and water efficiently. It’s not a bad thing that in Cape Town we have been tested by the water restrictions like we have. It’s a blessing as it has given us so much more knowledge and has made us resourceful and creative in how we consume. Well I can say it has for me and a lot of the people I choose to spend my time with.

We now have another challenge with power heading our way. Again we can blame and freak out corruption and the way this is all the governments fault, OR we can take it as another opportunity to grow and get prepared for the challenge. I personally choose to take it as an opportunity to learn more about power efficiency and how I can be part of the solution. Knowledge in life is a blessing and I choose to fill my time learning as much as I can so that I can be part of the change we seek.

There is a lot of awakening and focus in the world now on what we need to heal and fix our earth, our planet. The reality we really need to start with ourselves first. Start the changes there by becoming empowered and do the research, grow your mind and awareness so that you can step out of the fear based energy. The reality is that where Focus goes Energy flows. You have the beautiful choice to continue fear based reality or you can choose to shift your focus. It really is that simple.

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