The Countdown Begins

It has been a while since I last wrote as life has been busy and full of preparation to head to China as part of the #SupTeamSA at the #ISAWorld Standup and Paddle championships. What an honor it is to be part of this incredible Team.

The last few months have been an incredible teaching of what team work and determination is. Each and everyone of these incredible athletes and coaches have put their heads in the game, committed and shown up on every level.

As a sport that does not receive any financial support or assistance from government or any large corporate sponsors it takes a lot of focus to not only train to be ready to compete on an international standard but to raise the funds to get to the World Championships. This Team have done all of this and more.

As someone who lives with a combination of sometimes crippling painful auto immune diseases, being chosen to manage this team and help them get to China has been a true bucket list achievement and I am so utterly blessed to have the opportunity. The last few days have been filled with anxiety as I have had a chest and lung infection and had to rest and get my body energy restored enough to fly.

My prayers have been well and truly answered today as I prepare for my infusion and have sign off from my team of amazing doctors that I am fit to travel. As the saying goes if you believe it you can achieve it and nothing can stop you if your heart and mind are in the game.

So today as the final count down to departure begins I am truly grateful for the journey over the last 6 months and look forward to heading off to the World Championships with an amazing team. As you start your day today all I ask is that you take time to be grateful and thankful for all you DO have in life and let go of the focus on what you don’t have. Remember energy flows where focus goes

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