Get out of your Head and into your Heart

This morning as I start my day I do so by counting my blessings. Over the last few days I have received news of so many people suffering and struggling with illness and various challenges that seem insurmountable.

What I have learnt over the last 8 years of living with my combination of chronic illnesses and challenges is the importance of belief and hope. I have learnt that getting out of your head and into your heart is essential in these times.

In life we have a tendency to slip into the dark spaces and get sucked in the drama of what is happening in the moment and worrying about what may happen in the next moment when things are tough or challenging. It is however so important to simply stop and breathe in these moments. Just breathe and find hope and gratitude in whatever way you can in that moment.

I know I sound cliche and “airy fairy”, however I practice this on a daily basis and believe me it does work and does settle the mind. The most important thing to do in these challenging situations is to stop over thinking things and simply apply focus where you want your energy to flow.

I don’t always get this right believe me but I have begun to practice an attitude of gratitude wherever possible and focus my energy in a way that channels my thoughts towards things, places and people that make my soul smile.

I do not ignore the emotion or feeling in the moment I simply acknowledge it and give it space to be what it needs to be, but I set myself a time limit for the anger, frustration, or sadness. Then when my time limit is up I do something immediately that makes my soul smile.

For me that normally means getting into nature and connecting with the beauty that surrounds us in nature. It’s freely accessible and some of the greatest artwork around. It fills my soul with joy and gives my body life and purpose.

So today I ask you to take time to get out of your head and into your heart. Find the things that you love and give them appreciation and gratitude. “Where focus goes energy flows”. So in these trying challenging times take your focus away from fear and lack and send it to the abundance of what you are blessed with in your life.

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