The love of a Mother

Today on Mother’s Day I felt it fitting to write about the greatest support and love in my life. When I think of where my resilience, determination and drive comes from, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that it comes from my Mom. I haven’t been blessed with children myself but I believe that I certainly hit the jackpot with the mom I chose.

I am often in awe of mothers as I watch them with their children, I recon it’s got to be one of the toughest jobs on earth. You see to be a mom you never really get a day off. You don’t get to say, today I am not gonna care about anything but me. You see once you become a mom “from what I see”, you have the responsibility of creating a strong foundation for a human being. You plant the seeds of belief systems and dreams in your children. You provide the shoulder to cry on and the open heart of acceptance.

A mom is such a precious gift and should be respected and appreciated as such as she is the one person in your life that will go to war for you. Well at least I know my mom would. She is the person wiping your cut knee when you are little and punishing you in the most loving way when you get up to mischief.

Mother’s feel all your pain, happiness, disappointment and joy. When you are young and they are pushing you to succeed, it is always just because they love you unconditionally.

For me growing up as an ADHD child with a learning disability my Mom was my greatest cheerleader. Whenever children were unkind or I failed at something, my mom would always tell me that every time I fell down I should imagine that I had made it up the next rung of the ladder to greater things.

So today as you begin this Mother’s Day, remember to thank your mom for being the foundation to who you are and who you become. Remember to be thankful for the sacrifices she made for you to ensure you got the best at all times and just remember to tell her often that you love her.

I love you Mom and am incredibly blessed to have you. Thank you for teaching me to stand my ground and be the strong, confident women I am.

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