Everything is as it should be!

When I started walking the Red Road 12 years ago, my first Native American Teacher said to me, Everything is exactly how it should be! This phrase challenged me for many years, especially on the toughest days.

To explain what I mean when I talk about walking the Red Road I am referring to a spiritual journey into the best and worst parts of yourself through the Native American teachings. It incorporates beautiful prayer ceremonies, amazing work on our inner needs and creating a space of consciousness for all around you.

There are many explanations that people use for this Road/Path, but this is my description. It’s also important to highlight here that no I am not a white women trying to be Native American, I am just a very blessed being learning a gentle conscious way of connecting with Great Spirit and myself that is in beauty, Harmony and Balance.

The true blessing is that this phrase has become more and more relevant in my journey with chronic pain as when you make peace with the fact that everything is always exactly as it should be, you remove the “victim” within yourself and you look for the teaching rather.

The last 2 weeks of my life have been fraught with the most horrendous pain and a lot of frustration and anger. I have been allowing myself to become unbelievably annoyed at the fact that my body wasn’t listening and just letting me enjoy my paddling. All I wanted to do was paddle and be in my “happy place” on my board on the water.

I however had such a bad flare that my skin came off my feet and my toenails started lifting off. For the first time in a long time my hand began locking and both my calves began swelling to a point where if felt they would explode.

In the height of my frustration and pain I realised I needed to just STOP, Breathe and be gentle with myself. I realised that I had gone so far into my head and being annoyed with what was going on, that I wasn’t listening to what my body was saying. And basically what it was saying was just be gentle. Take things slowly and this week just be in the moment and stop pushing yourself.

So I made the decision to withdraw from the race I was going to do and I ventured out on a road trip with some friends to most beautiful forest camping site. And boy oh boy is this place exactly what I needed! Setting up camp in the pouring rain was highly entertaining but once set up we found that we were in the most peaceful beautiful forest space.

I live in a country that has so many hidden treasures and amazing places and this week I have discovered another one. This hidden gem has a spectacular waterfall and rock pools, incredible forest walks and a powerful healing feeling. There is a wonderful beach and lagoon 10 minutes drive down the road that is SUP heaven. So basically everything is exactly as it should be in this moment.

I am truly thankful that my body forced me to just stop and be in nature and bring myself back to acceptance and to just surrender to whatever it is that is meant to be happening and step out of what I think should be happening.

So as you begin your day today I ask you to just look at where you are in your life. If when you do that you find that you are frustrated or things aren’t going as planned, STOP and surrender to what may be trying to come in. You will often if not always find a teaching so something much better than what you had planned comes in.

One thought on “Everything is as it should be!

  1. One of the hardest teachings to accept, as we all WANT to plan our OWN way, not the one set out before us! Glad your acceptance had a happy ending.


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