Understanding Chronic Pain

The last 3 weeks have been a whirlwind and have put a lot about my life and journey into perspective. One of my readers asked the other day what exactly it is that I am living with when I talk about my journey with Chronic illness.

I must say I hadn’t considered that my blog would be read by people around the world, and nor had I considered it would reach people who didn’t know me personally.

I started my blog however to try and reach people and give them hope that regardless of the journey we walk in life (and yes I do believe we choose our paths before we come into our bodies), that we can always find hope and gratitude no matter how big the challenges.

I personally have found that since I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and Fibromyalgia I have learnt more about myself and my ability to overcome the odds regardless of how challenging by simply deciding to do so.

I recently got another diagnosis of chronic Compartment Syndrome in both my legs. This rather pissed me off as I have such muscle bulk in my legs from all my exercise that I have been doing to make sure I keep moving and don’t surrender to these diseases.

While all of these have great solutions and many clinical and alternative healing approaches, they ALL have complications and challenges as the treatment differs with each individual and how your body and DNA reacts.

To add insult to injury I had a surgery 5 years ago, where a doctor knew better than me and operated while I was on a biological drug (which at the time was working and I was heading for great success) and as a result of not listening to me I contracted a superbug that nearly killed me.

This has since caused massive complications as things that could be managed or handled around the challenges of my disease have become massively complicated. The treatments that “normal” people can use or undergo, I can’t do as I have massive risk of infections and complications.

The other challenge with chronic illness and living with constant pain, is that everybody has an opinion and a miracle cure. While I appreciate and respect that the concern and suggestions of cures Come from a place of love, I can promise you that if there is something new out there for me to try, I have tried it, researched it and am still researching more.

In short if you have someone in your life who has one of these challenging auto immune diseases, or lives with Chronic pain, find out what they need instead of what you think they need. I can say from my point of view all I need is understanding that everyday in every way I am showing up and doing my best In the moment.

Some days are better than others and yes often I look great and more often than not I have a huge smile on my face, but the pain in my body is constant and relentless. It is exhausting most of the time and sometimes I get grumpy and fed up. So on the days when I am quiet and remove myself from society, it’s not personal, it’s just necessary.

Today as you start your day please just take a moment to reflect on all the blessings in your life. I can promise you that when you stop and take time out to count your blessings they tend to add up quickly and you will be surprised at how that helps you start your day on a positive uplifting note.

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