Attitude of Gratitude

Good Morning world. Today is a day of true reflection and gratitude. This morning was a tough start with pain levels off the charts and a general feeling of being tired of being in pain.

The blessing however was that I knew I had made a commitment to meet my friend for a swim at 6:15 am and I am utterly grateful for that.

On the toughest days walking this journey I have realised it’s so important to do things that make your soul smile. It’s important to get up and appreciate all you do have in life and it results in you giving less energy and focus to the challenges. Where focus goes energy flows as I have learnt over the years.

So this morning I gave myself a stern talking to and committed to enjoying every minute of my morning drive and swim. I focused on taking in the sheer beauty of my surroundings and the fact that I am able to get up and do these things still.

I collected fresh water from the mountain on route to my swim and took in the breathtaking sunrise. When I arrived at the spectacular natural tidal pool I was in complete awe and felt incredibly blessed and thankful that I got up and showed up.

I got to swim with my friend and we even got to enjoy our swim with a beautiful octopus. He was spread out taking in the reflection of the sunrise and enjoying the water with us. What more can you ask for in life?

So as you start your day today take time to be grateful for all that you are blessed with and shift your focus to the things that make you smile rather than the things that challenge you. I know that after this beautiful start, I certainly have a better attitude towards my day ahead.

One thought on “Attitude of Gratitude

  1. I was on the give up road this morning.After reading your blog I gave myself a stern lecture.Thank younMandy.I am man down with shingles.but on the


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