One Step at a Time

Being ADHD I have never been particularly good at doing one step at a time. I am not known for my patience. Walking this journey with my body as you can imagine can drive me mad at times as I just want to get out and about and on my board or up a mountain or in the ocean.

When the board of doctors, as I call them the “Ologists”, tell me ok you can exercise they always follow that statement up with BUT “slowly Mandy”. I of course have a good laugh as I can see that they are fully aware that I am going to rush out and “slowly” do a 10km paddle.

With this in mind and understanding the context of my personality and normal approach, I would like to give myself a pat on the back today. Today, tempted as I was to join my fellow Wahines for a lovely 10km paddle, I made a grown up decision to just take it easy.

I joined my mates at the vlei and watched them paddle off to train. I took 2 friends who have never paddled with me, and chose to help them get started on boards while getting my much need fix of being on the water. We did a 3km slow paddle with a gentle, very welcome rain on our bodies. Our paddle ended with us being greeted by a beautiful rainbow.

I realise that in order for me to not lose my mind completely with this challenge, I have to do things that make my soul smile. While my legs are sore my heart and soul are happy when I am on or in the water. So now I am learning how to work with this and how to help myself make it all possible to just keep moving.

So today as you begin your day and as you start to begin a sentence with I Can’t, stop yourself and remember you can do anything if you choose to, you just have to take the first step! One step at a time!

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