Surrender and Acceptance.

Surrender and Acceptance. Two words that are becoming more and more frequent in my daily living and walking this rather challenging journey.

It’s important at times like this to acknowledge what it is you are experiencing and simply surrender to the process of changing the situation in the best way possible.

So today at the end of my day I choose to focus on looking at the things I am truly grateful for. I am blessed to have access to the best medical care and a panel of great specialists. I am blessed to have incredible support from my family and friends. And I am blessed to get up everyday and keep moving in whatever way I can. That some days is harder than other days but it’s just about showing up consciously day to day.

Today I endured a rather painful test and my result was not favourable. The inflammation and pain are off the charts and I am a bit pissed off and frustrated.

I however accept that I shall find a way to work with this challenge and create a plan that allows me to continue with the exercise and daily fitness regime that I embarked on to keep my body moving. I may need to adapt a few things here and there but I am as determined as ever to find a way to work with this.

So as I end my day I do so with surrender and acceptance. I choose to allow this to be what it is and to find a way to just move with it with grace.

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