Acknowledge your Emotions

Getting up and getting my head around my latest physical challenge has proven to be an internal battle. Having spent the last 12 months focused on keeping moving and getting the weight off I hit a wall when I got the news of possible chronic Compartment Syndrome in both my calves.

Let me tell you that when you are focused and doing everything in your power to beat the odds of living with constant pain and focusing on keeping your head in the right state of mind, it sometimes feels all consuming when you get hit with another challenge.

I must say that I don’t choose to let this current challenge get me down and I also won’t let it stop me from moving. What I have discovered over the last few years is that the journey within your own head is the one that is the most challenging. Self Sabotage is my biggest demon and I am my own worst enemy when I listen to it.

Many years ago however my Life coach said to me give this part of you a colour and imagine it as something. I see it as the colour red and as a Tasmanian devil. The visual imagery is a good one for me as it is significant to how it disrupts my life like a whirlwind of chaos. However what this imagery does for me is make me realise I can own the emotion and get in control of it by simple honouring it’s existence.

In this day and age the greatest challenge we face is dumbing down our feelings by being “fine” for everyone. When actually you are not fine you are pissed off and frustrated. I have found that when I allow myself to simple acknowledge that and allow the space for the emotion the heaviness of it generally lifts quickly as I have given my self permission to be pissed off.

I also started an exercise where I give myself a time limit. I acknowledge I am grumpy or frustrated and I tell myself I can have an hour, a day or a week whatever I decide and then I have to get up and do something that makes my soul smile. It’s amazing how well this works as I find myself getting out of the dark space a lot quicker.

This morning the day after my 6 weekly infusion (normally a tough day), I was blessed once again to start my day in the water. I was once again supported by some of my special friends and off we went to beautiful natural ocean pool to start our day. It is in these moments that I am reminded how utterly blessed I am and that nothing in life is unachievable.

My latest physical challenge is just that, a Challenge. Challenges by nature are things that can always be overcome if you have the right attitude and support. I have an abundance of both.

So once again as you start your day ask yourself what you can be grateful for and focus on that.

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