The Blessing of Friendship

Today I got up and said a prayer of gratitude for the family and friends I am blessed with in my life. My journey as you all know is a challenging one with Chronic pain and a variety of issues within my body that sometimes restrict my movement.

My last 10 days have been filled with excruciating pain and a barrage of tests to establish what the next plan of action is to combat my latest physical challenge.

In these moments however I am happy to say I have grown and learnt how to manage these curve balls so much better by simply listening to my body and resting when I need to rest.

One of the greatest teachings I have had in the last few years of living with this disease is that I just need to acknowledge the bad days for what they are and allow myself to be a bit pissed off. I don’t always need to be FINE and giving myself the space and respect to work through how I feel allows me to make peace with it so much sooner.

I am very blessed to have an incredible support system and amazing friends who get up and meet me and help me to keep moving in whatever way I can in that moment. So for that I am extremely grateful.

Today I ask as you start your day to simply assess the challenges that you are facing and ask for the best way to handle them. You will find that the solution and support will come to you if you just allow it.

Thank to my friends and family for ALWAYS being there.

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