Water is a Blessing

Living in Cape Town right now comes with a great awareness around how precious our water is and how essential it is to life.

In the current drought situation we find ourselves in and with all the noise around blame and who could have done what to prevent Day Zero’s imminent arrival. I think it’s important to acknowledge the focus and awareness that this is bringing to the forefront of how much we take this resource for granted.

Let’s take a moment and stop focusing on the negatives of the situation and let’s turn to to the positives. How long have we all taken water and it’s availability for granted? How much of this valuable resource have we wasted by simply being unconscious?

I am personally inspired by the great sharing of knowledge and creative ways people are coming up with to save water and harvest water. It’s certainly waking people up to the reality of how precious this resource is.

Over the last few days I have had the blessing of enjoying the feeling of the ocean on my skin. Yesterday I got to swim with my Godchildren at the beach and watch with great pride as they mastered the art of bodyboarding. And today I ended my day with a refreshing swim in a natural ocean tidal pool.

Each of these experiences gave me an opportunity to be grateful and thankful for the blessing of water in all its forms. So let’s focus on putting positive energy into this water shortage. Let’s help one another come up with creative ways to be the change we seek and let’s just keep praying for rain.

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