Count your Blessings

Starting 2018 I decided to ensure that every opportunity I would count my blessings. I decided I would set boundaries and create uplifting routines that filled my soul with joy.

I am thrilled to report that the first 2 weeks of this New Year has been filled with an abundance of uplifting things. It’s at this point that I am mindful to count my blessings. In life we so often get side tracked by the clutter and stuff that we forget to see our blessings.

I am born in January which is often a challenging time of year for people financially and people are getting ready to go back to work and start a new year. I however always celebrate my birthday in a big way as I believe it’s the one day that is all about you.

This year I decided to have a party that reflected who I am and what I love surrounded by the people I love. I was utterly blessed and filled with joy as I was surrounded by my eclectic bunch of special friends and their families.

I was for the first time in 45 years surprised by 2 my oldest friends who made the effort to fly to Cape Town specially for my birthday. And let me tell you keeping that a secret was no easy task but they got it right! The joy the laughter and the incredible friends that shared my day allowed to be mindful of my blessings and how utterly abundant my life is in every way.

So as you start your year and your day, remind yourself of the blessings your life is filled with and focus on those. It really does make the tougher times so much easier to handle.

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