Conscious Connection

As I begin 2018 and reflect on my past year I would like to take the time to highlight the importance of connection. In April of 2017 I made a commitment to myself to make a conscious effort to connect with the people, places and things that make my soul smile. The commitment was not only to connect outwardly, but also to connect within myself with myself and what makes me happy.

I am happy to say that this agreement with myself has been a complete blessing and I am embarking on a life ahead with more one in one time with both myself and the things that make my soul smile.

In this day and age where everything has become about being so “connected” all the time, I believe we have lost the connection with what is real and important. We have lost connection with actual engagement and quality time as we become more and more consumed by living our lives in many cases digitally. While I agree that this has its space in our world, I really feel it’s so important to disconnect from it and have digital fasts regularly.

Over the last 9 months I have travelled across the world and across my country to connect with friends and family members face to face and spend quality time one on one with them. It has been a truly remarkable experience and I am planning more and more of this moving forward.

When life gets busy we are quick to forget to stop and take time out to see and have real conversations with people. Find out what’s going on in their world and simply listen. Sometimes that’s all someone needs is a friend who listens.

Listening provides a non judgemental space for friends to open up and connect. A space where if they need some advice or a platform to simply speak and be heard then you are doing a great service by just being a sound board.

So as you start this day and this new year I ask you to simply take time out to connect and engage with what makes your soul smile. To stop and smell the roses and to ultimately honour yourself by being present.

May 2018 be filled with what makes your soul smile.

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