The Blessing of Friendship

Today I got up and said a prayer of gratitude for the family and friends I am blessed with in my life. My journey as you all know is a challenging one with Chronic pain and a variety of issues within my body that sometimes restrict my movement.

My last 10 days have been filled with excruciating pain and a barrage of tests to establish what the next plan of action is to combat my latest physical challenge.

In these moments however I am happy to say I have grown and learnt how to manage these curve balls so much better by simply listening to my body and resting when I need to rest.

One of the greatest teachings I have had in the last few years of living with this disease is that I just need to acknowledge the bad days for what they are and allow myself to be a bit pissed off. I don’t always need to be FINE and giving myself the space and respect to work through how I feel allows me to make peace with it so much sooner.

I am very blessed to have an incredible support system and amazing friends who get up and meet me and help me to keep moving in whatever way I can in that moment. So for that I am extremely grateful.

Today I ask as you start your day to simply assess the challenges that you are facing and ask for the best way to handle them. You will find that the solution and support will come to you if you just allow it.

Thank to my friends and family for ALWAYS being there.

Water is a Blessing

Living in Cape Town right now comes with a great awareness around how precious our water is and how essential it is to life.

In the current drought situation we find ourselves in and with all the noise around blame and who could have done what to prevent Day Zero’s imminent arrival. I think it’s important to acknowledge the focus and awareness that this is bringing to the forefront of how much we take this resource for granted.

Let’s take a moment and stop focusing on the negatives of the situation and let’s turn to to the positives. How long have we all taken water and it’s availability for granted? How much of this valuable resource have we wasted by simply being unconscious?

I am personally inspired by the great sharing of knowledge and creative ways people are coming up with to save water and harvest water. It’s certainly waking people up to the reality of how precious this resource is.

Over the last few days I have had the blessing of enjoying the feeling of the ocean on my skin. Yesterday I got to swim with my Godchildren at the beach and watch with great pride as they mastered the art of bodyboarding. And today I ended my day with a refreshing swim in a natural ocean tidal pool.

Each of these experiences gave me an opportunity to be grateful and thankful for the blessing of water in all its forms. So let’s focus on putting positive energy into this water shortage. Let’s help one another come up with creative ways to be the change we seek and let’s just keep praying for rain.

Count your Blessings

Starting 2018 I decided to ensure that every opportunity I would count my blessings. I decided I would set boundaries and create uplifting routines that filled my soul with joy.

I am thrilled to report that the first 2 weeks of this New Year has been filled with an abundance of uplifting things. It’s at this point that I am mindful to count my blessings. In life we so often get side tracked by the clutter and stuff that we forget to see our blessings.

I am born in January which is often a challenging time of year for people financially and people are getting ready to go back to work and start a new year. I however always celebrate my birthday in a big way as I believe it’s the one day that is all about you.

This year I decided to have a party that reflected who I am and what I love surrounded by the people I love. I was utterly blessed and filled with joy as I was surrounded by my eclectic bunch of special friends and their families.

I was for the first time in 45 years surprised by 2 my oldest friends who made the effort to fly to Cape Town specially for my birthday. And let me tell you keeping that a secret was no easy task but they got it right! The joy the laughter and the incredible friends that shared my day allowed to be mindful of my blessings and how utterly abundant my life is in every way.

So as you start your year and your day, remind yourself of the blessings your life is filled with and focus on those. It really does make the tougher times so much easier to handle.

Conscious Connection

As I begin 2018 and reflect on my past year I would like to take the time to highlight the importance of connection. In April of 2017 I made a commitment to myself to make a conscious effort to connect with the people, places and things that make my soul smile. The commitment was not only to connect outwardly, but also to connect within myself with myself and what makes me happy.

I am happy to say that this agreement with myself has been a complete blessing and I am embarking on a life ahead with more one in one time with both myself and the things that make my soul smile.

In this day and age where everything has become about being so “connected” all the time, I believe we have lost the connection with what is real and important. We have lost connection with actual engagement and quality time as we become more and more consumed by living our lives in many cases digitally. While I agree that this has its space in our world, I really feel it’s so important to disconnect from it and have digital fasts regularly.

Over the last 9 months I have travelled across the world and across my country to connect with friends and family members face to face and spend quality time one on one with them. It has been a truly remarkable experience and I am planning more and more of this moving forward.

When life gets busy we are quick to forget to stop and take time out to see and have real conversations with people. Find out what’s going on in their world and simply listen. Sometimes that’s all someone needs is a friend who listens.

Listening provides a non judgemental space for friends to open up and connect. A space where if they need some advice or a platform to simply speak and be heard then you are doing a great service by just being a sound board.

So as you start this day and this new year I ask you to simply take time out to connect and engage with what makes your soul smile. To stop and smell the roses and to ultimately honour yourself by being present.

May 2018 be filled with what makes your soul smile.