The bond of an animal

They say in life if you want loyalty get a dog! No truer words have been spoken. Today I woke up with an emptiness in my heart. My most loyal companion and biggest fan left our world yesterday and has left a gaping hole.

My life is a full one and it has been compiled of a lot of teachings over the years. Over the last 16 years as I have walked a journey of self discovery, chronic pain and life lessons, the greatest of all has been knowing that no matter what my furry children always have my back.

I have not been blessed with children or a life partner in this lifetime but I have been honoured with the companionship of amazing animals. They are the greatest companions and are always happy to see you regardless of your mood or what you look like.

The unconditional love that an animal brings to your world is something that is so hard to explain and for people who do not have animals it’s a difficult one to understand.

Today as I begin my day I honour my beautiful Cassidy, my poepie bear as I called her. She has been my greatest support and has never left my side in times of need. I feel utterly heartbroken by this loss but completely blessed for having had 16 years of her amazing companionship.

May you walk in beauty harmony and balance my angel. Thank you for every minute you gave me and all the memories. You will remain in my heart forever.

So as you start your day today I ask that you to do one thing, take time out to support, rescue or give an animal a home. It is the greatest blessing in the world and they are the most incredible friends who are always constant and love unconditionally.