Loving yourself

In keeping with being real and sharing my journey with Chronic Pain, it’s important to share the tough moments too. While it’s essential to keep moving and keep blood flowing into the joints at all times, it’s also important to listen when your body needs rest.

Last night was one of my challenging nights with very little sleep and a lot of excruciating pain. Living with this disease has taught me that from one minute to the next my pain can move from manageable to excruciating. It’s the thing that’s most challenging with this disease and what few people understand.

So today is about being gentle and kind to myself. On days like today I find it important to take time out and rest my body. I also feel it’s important to get support on these days. I have booked a session with my massage therapist and am going to my Pilates teacher for some recovery stretching and muscle support.

Walking this journey requires constant focus and commitment. It’s so important to be mindful of what your body and mind needs at all times. So today I ask that as you start your day ask yourself if you are doing the best possible thing for your body and mind. If not simply stop and work out what it is you need and do that.

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