Push through

This morning was one of those mornings when I had to have a stern talking to myself and push myself to get up and get moving.

My back and arm have been challenging me more than usual of late and following a fun race on Saturday I was definitely feeling it today. I however have committed myself to a stringent training program over the next few months as I am determined to get my racing ranking up.

While I know it sounds odd to some people, I operate better when I have something to work towards. I find it’s important to get my head right in order to get on top of the constant pain. If I give myself something to work towards it takes my focus away from the pain and pushes it into something so much more powerful and uplifting.

So this morning I got up and headed to the vlei for a 1 hour warm up paddle with my legend maaitjie Caroline who is always there to support me. She gets up and joins me at 5:30 to help me keep moving. And let me tell you if it hadn’t been for her on Saturday keeping at my side I would never have made that race in that wind after a 5 week absence.

I then met my coach Tyron for our first one on one session. I had told him last week that I was gonna paddle with him regardless of wind or rain as the only way I shall get stronger and faster is if I train in all conditions. As if to test my commitment the wind decided to challenge me during our session and let me tell you I feel like a superhero in my own world for pushing through the 15knot wind and training to my best ability.

It really is such a cool feeling when you just put your head down and focus and make it through. So today as you begin your week ahead, ask yourself what it is that you want to achieve, set a goal and then go and do it!

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