Paddle Through the Pain

It’s important when living with chronic pain to push through and keep movement within your joints. Let me tell you there are some days when just the thought of pushing myself to get up and move takes a strong conversation and a lot of “you can do it’s”.

The last 6 days have been a tough few days of making peace with my latest challenge. My shoulder has been a bit of a mare and I have been convincing myself to build a bridge and get over the searing, grinding continuous pain. There are of course times in these moments when I feel really pissed off and generally sorry for myself but then I remember if I don’t keep moving and keep the joints “oiled” I am gonna be in a lot more trouble.

So after getting the results of the scans and tests I have discovered that I have a little more of a joint challenge in my arm. My doctor who I might add is a legend, looked at me when I asked if I could paddle and said, yes, paddle paddle paddle. Paddle cos it clears your mind, paddle cos it helps your whole body and paddle cos it’s not like you are create more damage. Yes the bone may grind and be sore but the paddling builds all the muscle and ligaments around the joint to support it.

So I got up and paddled and will continue to paddle and build the intricate network of facia throughout my body to support the joints that are having the toughest time. I choose to paddle through the pain as it helps to lift that dark space you can slip into when living with constant pain. I paddle because it gives my heart and soul joy. And I paddle cos I get to start my day in the most uplifting powerful way possible and from a place of complete gratitude.

Today I am truly appreciative for the endless support that I get from my Wahine SUP Squad of amazing ladies. For the way there is always one of these incredible ladies there at sparrows fart with me at my side supporting me in my endeavour to just keep moving. So in closing all I can say is that I am an incredibly blessed human being and am truly grateful for all the teachings this interesting journey is giving me.

An insight to Chronic Pain

Today is one of the tougher days of living with this disease and the chronic pain that comes with it. Walking a journey with a combination of auto immune diseases is always like balancing on a tight rope. You have to constantly be aware of your environment and the impact it is having on you. And the toughest part is on your worst pain days you HAVE to get up and keep moving. This let me tell you is the biggest challenge of all.

It’s easier to say I just don’t want to get up today. It’s easier to say the pain is beyond what I can handle and just give into it and allow it to consume you. It’s hard to push through it BUT if you don’t get up and move you surrender to joint inflammation and can make it worse long term.

Since January this year I have been struggling with a new addition to the many joint challenges I have. This one has been a constant searing pain in my right shoulder. As you can imagine adding this to an already challenging right arm that has Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and burns 24/7 has not been a fun experience.

This morning however after very little sleep over last 5 days, I got up and pushed myself to go to the gym. I pushed myself to just walk on the treadmill and do some key stretching and joint supporting exercises. I booked an appointment with my Chiropractor and got some treatment to help release the spasms and I made sure I did all I could to help myself. That’s all that really matters in the end. Taking the time to make sure you do the very best for yourself to make it easier to cope.

It took me a few years to learn to do this. To learn to listen and honor my body in the best possible way. I have had to learn the art of surrender in a way where it focuses on self awareness and love. I have had to teach myself that on the most challenging days it’s essential to just do that the best I can. It has also taught me to get up and move but once I have done that to also lie down and rest if that is what my body needs.

I think it’s important to talk about the tough days as so few people understand them. It’s important to be a voice for my fellow suffers and remind them it’s ok to have a shit day and be pissed off.

There are so many people in the world today struggling with this kind of pain and otherwise referred to as “invisible illnesses” that I feel it’s imperative to help people understand more. The stats on auto immune diseases globally are off the charts with over 52 Million people in the USA alone struggling with these diseases. There are between 80 and 100 different auto immune diseases and they all have complicated side events and challenges.

So today all I ask is be mindful of the people around you and how they may be struggling and if you have a friend with chronic illness or pain be gentle and understanding when they are grumpy or down. And always always adopt an attitude of gratitude