Sights and Sounds of Miami

The last few days in Miami have been a blast. I have ensured that I have taken in a few of the different sites of Miami. I went and did the normal tourist thing and checked our South Beach but it didn't blow me away. How could it really with the amazing beaches we have back home. Ok I sound like a brat so I shall share what did blow me away.

Firstly we decided to go to a Soccer Match that was a quarter final between Miami Football Club and Football Club Cincinnati. It was extremely humid I must tell you and by the end of it I felt like I had played the match. To ensure that we remained hydrated at all times we ensured we drank some ice cold craft beer. The craft beer industry in USA is definitely becoming a big culture.

It was great to catch up with a few other mates I have met through Evan over the years and heaps of laughter was had with all.

The next day started with some exercise and a morning of taking in a few of the other sites and sounds. I headed out for a coffee and then jumped in an Uber to Little Havana (Cuban district). The place was a buzz with a Cuban feel, great music and super friendly people. I sipped on a Moijito and listened to a band while I had a Cuban lunch.

I then headed back to Evan as we were going to be having a bit of a jol last night. We started off at a Brewery called Concrete Beach. Fabulous spot in a place called Wynwood. This area used to be the older more dodgy side of Miami, but is now being revamped and has an amazing vibe.

We then headed for the Wynwood Walls, which is an art installation that is changed ever few months and has the most incredible artwork for you to wander through and enjoy.

We then headed for a bar called The Wood. It was a vibe of note. They have a massive Jenga set that people play in groups while dancing to excellent tunes.

We had a deep intimate conversation with a variety of tequilas and a lot of Latino dancing. It was an absolute blast. I must say a great time was had by all.

Welcome to Miami

My journey to Miami started with a bit of a bump. I was delayed by 2 hours leaving San Fransisco due to a massive Tropical storm. At one stage they did not know if we would fly.

All was smooth flying until 1 hour out of Miami and then we had a bit of a turbulent hour prior to landing as we flew through storm. I had an old lady next to me who was extremely nervous so I put a series on for on my laptop and distracted her. She was extremely appreciative.

I finally arrived in Miami at 11:15pm but was thrilled to see Evan's smiling face waiting for me at Bagggage claim. I couldn't believe it had been 11 years.

We headed back to his amazing apartment in Brickell to meet his beautiful wife and two cutie pie furry kids. The weather has included some incredible rain and massive lightning and thunder storms but it has been so great to catch up with Evan and meet Meredith.

To ensure I kept up the exercise regime I headed out with Evan and the pooches for a walk in the morning in boiling humid weather which was followed by another thunder storm and torrential rain.

In fact Miami has had some problems with the water actually flooding the roads as the levels are so high. Quite a change from our drought stricken Cape Town I must say.

Last night I got to see Evan's folks and family friend and was treated to the most incredible home made ribs, lobster salad and a decadent Chocolate mousse cake. Once again the warmth and hospitality with which I have been greeted has been unbelievable.

Today the pain levels a bit off the charts so just easing slowly into the day and giving my body some rest.