Attitude of Gratitude

Every minute of every day is a blessing on every level. A few years ago when I started my journey with chronic pain I began to realize what truly matters and what is important. In my search to understand my disease and myself more I read and researched and googled every remedy and every avenue to get on top of it.

Living with constant pain has at times felt overwhelming and resulted in a feelings of depression and incredible anger. It has had me question everything from why me to how and to when will it end. It can at times feel all consuming and utterly exhausting, however on every level I have learnt that it has ultimately been the greatest teacher and blessing in my life.

Now I know that sounds complete insane, but let me tell you that in this day and age we have become complacent and often take the simplest things in our life for granted. We forget to be grateful and focus so hard on “STUFF”. What we have, what we need and want we don’t have becomes this constant fight in our world. In the end the “STUFF” is just that, clutter and unnecessary noise.

What matters really is your personal health and wellbeing. It’s the most important thing for all of us. It has to start and end there ultimately as if we are not the best version of ourselves we really can’t help anyone else or contribute to the world in real terms.

Belief systems and rules are drummed into us from a young age through society our parents, our teachers, our leaders and the media. The fact is that these are actually ultimately about choice. It’s the greatest blessing we all have, the freedom of choice. The opportunity to have your own voice and to make your own rules” and create your own belief systems.

Learning to adopt an attitude of gratitude every day has been my journey over the last 7 years. Believe me it has at times been my greatest challenge as some days I am just pissed off and gatvol.

Some days the searing pain in my right arm that is there 24hours a day gets the better of me. On those days having an attitude of gratitude takes immense focus and commitment. I have learnt to find something, anything to be grateful for. Even if on that day my focus is to just be grateful for being able to feel the pain and listen to my body.

So today I ask that when you start your day and begin your focus on what you wish to achieve just stop for a moment and be grateful for all the blessings in your life. There are so many you just have to sometimes stop and appreciate them.

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