Celebration of Love

This weekend has been another amazing celebration of friendship and love. A few years ago these 2 beautiful ladies would not have been able to get married due to laws and marginalization. It was truly wonderful to be part of this special day and a reminder to always be aware of the challenges our LGBT 🏳️‍🌈 community live with every day of their lives.

I have been blessed to be warmly welcomed in by this incredible community through our Steampunk saloon and every one of these special folk have stood by me in some of my toughest moments over the last few years.

These ladies have all taught me to really just love who I am regardless of my size and own complexes. They have added color, laughter, debates and plenty of good music to my world. They have helped me to grown as a person in so many ways and it really is such an honour to be their friend.

The weekend was filled with a lot of laughter and one or five tequilas. In true MischMash style the tunes were legendary and we were treated to great music from Live music to welcome us, a great set by the Betsie Beers after the Dinner and an amazing lineup of DJs to wrap up the celebration.

Riebeck Kasteel is also one of my favorite little towns 1 hour out of Cape Town filled with such soul and quirkiness. It’s combination of great wine, olives and art gives it a really eclectic feel.

This was another step on my journey of connectivity. The one on one stolen moments with special people and reconnection in real time is what makes my soul smile.

I am truly grateful to be blessed with such abundance and so many amazing friends

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