Getting in Touch!

After an amazing 5 week journey around the USA and the U.K. I found myself hitting the ground running on my return. The journey I did was definitely life changing and I achieved all that I hoped for and more on this journey.

In this day and age we have all become so busy and while everything is so “connected” digitally that is, we as humans, I believe have become less connected in real time.

I decided to do a little experiment over the time I travelled and that was to unplug and take Facebook off my phone. While my blog still fed into my newsfeed I personally did not go onto the platform. What a revelation! I have loved being away from the noise!

Facebook definitely has its place and I love to check in and see how my mates are doing far and wide, however I am choosing to be more connected on a one on one basis. I found through my travels of reconnection how important it is to just have one on one time with mates and family.

I have always been a person known to make an effort to stay connected with friends but have found that I too had slipped into a bit of a complacent space of seeing what was going on in some of my friends lives on Facebook which made me feel like I had been in touch somehow.

There is a big problem with this way of connecting and that is that people often only put the best version of their lives on Facebook for all to see. They are not saying that they are possibly struggling with something or having a tough time and so depression in our world has increased massively.

It’s so important now to take the time and just check in on your mates and family. Make time to have a coffee with them and look into their eyes and listen to their stories in real time. I must say I have loved this reconnection and am so glad I have done it.

In closing all I can say is just remember communication is the essence to all relationships.

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