London Calling

Yesterday was my last day and it did not disappoint. My last day started with the boys having a nice cuddle in the bed with me and heaps of laughter. It was then up and off to London to see Lee and Kerry Leigh.

Ints jumped on the train with me and kindly escorted me to London as I look a bit like a pack horse with all the additional luggage.

I arrived in London and first on the list was a catch up with the girls filled with lots of laughter. We then headed to my favorite Chinese restuarant Gerard’s Corner in China Town for Crispy Duck and Dim Sim.

We then pottered around London did some retail therapy and then headed home for a bit of a chill. We then headed to Brickley’s (Kerry-Leigh’s local). The tequila fairy then suddenly appeared and much dancing and laughter followed.

Another magic day and night shared with two of my oldest mates. I have really been utterly blessed on this journey to laugh a lot and really enjoy each moment with each friend to the fullest.

Today I am finally heading home and am looking forward to seeing my family and friends back home.

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