Journey drawing to a close

As I sit here tonight after another day filled with meaningful, necessary conversations and connections, I am quite speechless. I can't quite believe that I am nearing the end of a 5 and a bit week journey of self discovery, appreciation and reconnection.

This journey has been one that I have dreamt of for the past seven years as I fight the constant pain and challenges of my life. I have had some Brutal pain days over the trip but have found them so much easier to embrace knowing that I am living and owning every moment of my life.

The journey over the last 7 years of my life has been hectic to say the least. It has challenged my OCD, control freak, ADHD personality on every level.

It drove me insane in the beginning as I had NO control over it. The blessing in this is that I learnt to simple allow things to just be whatever they needed to be. I have grown so much as a person as a result of these daily challenges that this attitude allowed me to make this incredibly important trip.

To step on a plane 10 days after getting out of hospital with pneumonia, and deciding to embrace every second of this journey has been my greatest achievement yet. Not giving in and believing with all my heart that an attitude of gratitude and a conscious mind would win the day.

Each step of this journey I have been welcomed with open arms and warm hearts by friends who love me unconditionally and who have each brought utter joy to my life. Wow how blessed am I?

Tomorrow I get to see 2 more of my unbelievably special friends who will complete the circle and make this the ultimate trip. Tomorrow it's out of the countryside in Kent and off to Chelsea.

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