Meeting the Pickles

As I head to the end of this incredible journey of reconnection and appreciation, I am once again utterly grateful for the opportunity I have had to reconnect with people who hold space in my heart.

Yesterday was another special day with Justine, Ints and the Kids and I finally got to meet the Pickles. My cousin Angela was blessed just over 1 year ago with these two little munchkins. There are no words for the cuteness. It is always wonderful meet the little people that have come into our loved ones lives.

It was also so cute to watch how the boys, especially Kayden, embraced these little sweeties. Lots of laughter and cuddles were shared and it was so lovely to spend time with precious family and friends. I am so incredibly blessed and thankful that I have had the opportunity to take this time and reconnect and reflect.

This journey has left me with so many teachings but most of all it has left me with an immense feeling of love and gratitude. It has reminded me of all the important things in life and it has highlighted the importance of surrounding ourselves with the people who add value to your life and to simply release those that don't without judgement.

I have only 2 days left on this journey and a few more incredibly special people to see. Today my heart and prayers go out to my dear friend Chay, husband John and my godchildren Cassady and Camaryn as they face a truly challenging day. I may be miles away but I am with you in spirit.

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