On the Water in Miami

My second last day in Miami was nothing short of spectacular. This entire trip has taught me how incredibly blessed I am on so many levels. I have the most incredible friends and have made some new ones in each city too.

Yesterday was all about being on the water and seeing the city from the many water ways of Miami. We got up early and took the pooches for a 4km walk through the city, then headed to Evans boat with some mates and 1 very cute Labradoodle.

Meredith sadly had to work half way through the day but we took her to work by boat and picked up Evans Cousin and Boyfriend who joined us for the second half of the day.

We took a drive down Miami river and then headed to Key Biscayne to lie in the emerald green water, listen to some great music and have a bit of picnic.

We then headed back to Kara's beautiful new home to chill in the pool for a bit. After a few hours of cocktails and pool time we headed out to see a place called Stilltsville.

There used to many more of these houses out in the middle of the ocean on Stilts but Hurricanes and currents have destroyed a lot of them.

We had a magnificent school of dolphins join us for a while following the boat and ride the wake of the boat as we enjoyed the sun setting over the city.

The day ended with one final dinner at The Butchers Shop. We had planned on have another dance but with a long day in the sun and water behind it was definitely time to call it a night.

What a special day with special mates. I am absolutely at a loss for words on how spoilt I have been by each set of friends in each city. My USA trip ends today as I head for London tonight. I will be very sad to say goodbye.

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