Downtime in Miami

Today was a very chilled day. The bodies were taking a bit of strain and of course the only way to fix that (and pretty much everything) was to get out on the water and have a paddle.

2 of my willing partners in crime from last night were game. A bit jaded but definitely willing. They took me off to a bay launch near South Beach and we paddled through Billionaires land. My god the size of some of the houses and the boats outside them was quite unbelievable.

It was 34 degrees with about 80% humidity but it was exactly what we all needed. I put some gusto in it and had a bit of a workout in honour of my fellow Wahine's racing at home tomorrow.

We then headed back to Wynwood this time for some Cerviche and a reg maker beer at Concrete Beach. It was an extremely chilled day. Tomorrow we head out on the boat and we shall spend the day on the water.

My last day and a half in Miami and I head off from USA to the UK.

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