Spectacular San Fransisco

Another amazing day and my last one in this beautiful city with my oldest mate and his special family. 44 years of friendship and lots of special times over the years and this has stood out as one of the most special of all.

The morning began with me finding a special gift for my nephew that I have been hunting for so it was a good start.

We then headed out to the walk Golden Gate Bridge and enjoy a day of sight seeing and special time together. San Fransisco is a truly beautiful city and in a lot of ways reminds me of Cape Town.

We took in the views of the amazing bay surrounding Alcatraz and Golden Gate and were blessed to see a few whales frolicking in the water during our bridge crossing. To consider that this bridge was built over 80 years ago and still stands majestically today is quiet a thing.

After our hike to various view points and the walk across the bridge, it was time to get some ice cold Weiss Beer and a few Jalepeno Chilli poppers in at Marin Brewing company.

We then spent some time walking Around the little Harbour and Ferry port and then headed to San Rafael for an early Thai dinner.

What an incredible 9 days it has been with Brendan, Naoko and Ray. I have managed to see a substantial amount of beautiful places and got to spend some real quality time with old friends.

Tomorrow I am off to Miami to my dear friend Evan and will be meeting his gorgeous wife and their furry children. I was unable to attend their wedding a few years ago due to illness so really look forward to quality time with them too.

4 thoughts on “Spectacular San Fransisco

  1. Loving this!! Thank you for including me , so happy we were able to see you as well ❤️Safe journey to Miami !


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