Taking in Napa Valley and St Helena

On route back from Lake Tahoe I got to stop off and spend the night and a two incredible days with my special friends Dave and Mitzi Zamarripa and their two beautiful daughters Allura and Bella.

This part of the trip began with watching Brendan, Dave and the girls get some tennis training in. These two incredibly talented young ladies are making waves in the tennis world and are moving their way up the tennis rankings steadily.

It was great to watch their commitment and dedication to the sport and see such a great family unit work together with both their mom and dad giving them such support. Such humble beautiful people. It was awesome to reconnect. The last time I saw these guys was in Hawaii in 2007.

We then had an incredible Mexican meal and some great laughs. On Friday Morning Mitzi and I went to the farmers market in St Helena which was a real treat while Dave and the girls got some more training in.

Dave and I then headed to Napa Valley taking in the beauty of the wine lands and enjoying a fabulous meal at the Napa River front.

Once again I was blessed to see another beautiful part of California but more importantly I got more time with incredible mates. I am one blessed human being and feel utterly grateful for the friends I have.

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