Spectacular Lake Tahoe

There are few words that can explain how utterly spectacular Lake Tahoe is.   To paddle on this beautiful Lake has been one of my goals and dreams for many years.  Often when you have had such high hopes for a place when you get there eventually it can be disappointing,  this however was not the case with Lake Tahoe.   It is simply magnificent and took my breathe away.

Brendan I got in the car and headed for Lake Tahoe on Tuesday morning.  The drive to the Lake from San Rafael was pretty spectacular.  As we entered the mountains and got to the beautiful Condo we were staying at in the Northstar resort I was literally speechless.

The Lake is huge and stretches on for miles and is surrounded by mountains still capped with snow.   The first day the water was a bit choppy and the wind was strong so we literally paddled for an hour and then called it quits.   The next morning however we were up at 6am and on the water by 7:30.    The journey to our paddle was of course started with me getting my morning Coffee fix at Starbucks.

We decided to take advice from some of Brendon’s mates and jumped on our boards in Sand Harbor.   We paddled out on the majestic lake and took in the unbelievable view.  Our paddle was filled with coves and bays that had emerald colored water and big beautiful boulders.    The water was glassy and the paddling was simply sublime.

I would say that Lake Tahoe to date is quite honestly the most spectacular paddle I have had the opportunity to paddle.  The last 3 days on the water have been complete bliss. Thank you Bren for making one of my dreams come true.

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