San Fransico and its Diversity

Today started with a good 1 hour 30 minute training and stretching session. My pain levels have been a bit off the charts for the last few days so I thought it best to get some focused stretches and exercise in.

We then headed to a great farmers market to shop for the fruit and veggies for the week. We had an incredible breakfast at the market then headed into the city. We had intended on walking the Golden Gate Bridge but due to the heavy fog we decided to head straight to the City.

We started off in North Beach in the Italian district and I was thrilled to get a really good espresso latte. Bren and Naoko then took me to a Tea tasting in china town that was fascinating. They have over 350 teas to choose from and you are treated to a divine journey into the extensive health and healing benefits of the various teas.

We then did a bit of a 6km walk through the city to Union Square and the surrounds and took in the sites and diverse, eclectic culture of the city. At the end of our day we had a special dinner in the Italian district and caught up with another one of my old mates that I have not been able to see in 10 years. It was amazing to reconnect and once again I have had a truly blessed day.

Tomorrow may be a day of rest as I give my joints a bit of down time.

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