Seattle Blessings

As I sit in the airport ready for my next leg of this epic journey, I feel utterly blessed and loved. This past week has been spent with some really special friends that I have not been able to see for 10 years.

My last visit was in winter and was filled with snowboarding and log fires. This journey was filled with outdoor hikes, paddling and heaps of love and laughter.

To put into words how grateful I am for the incredible friends I have around the world is hard. Little Irie and Dylan touched my heart deeply and I loved being snuggled in the morning by these two special little angels. There is nothing quite like the bubbly sound of a child’s laughter to greet a new Morning.

Heika, Noelle, Brian and Victoria all made me feel so welcome. Planned special outings and filled my soul with joy. Thanks guys and I will definitely be back again. This is a beautiful city and I leave part of my heart with you all.

San Fransico hear I come.

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