Seattle Sight Seeing

Today was my allocated tourist day! Yes that’s right I did it again, I embraced not only one but two organised tours. I can’t believe it myself but there you have it me breaking out of my comfort zones.😂

My day started with an early morning train ride on the Sounder to downtown Seattle. I then hopped off the train at King Street Station with my personally printed and demarcated map (thanks Heika) and headed for Pioneer Square.

I grabbed my morning Americano, which I must say is always good in Seattle and headed for the Seattle Underground City Tour. It’s always interesting to get to know a little bit more about a city but I must say this was a bit strange in some ways. Basically the beginning of the tour focuses on the challenges Seattle had with sewerage and the installation of the first flushable toilets aptly named “Crappers”.

It then tells you about how the entire City of Seattle burnt down and when this happened they were able to rebuild but decided to build the City literally 2 stories up from where it had been before. The underground city became the location of many brothels, bars and businesses avoiding taxation.

I then headed to the Ferry that would take me on my next group tour. This one took me on a ride across the ocean to the Indian Village of Tillicum.

I really enjoyed the Storytelling and amazing lunch that was served. On arrival we were handed a cup of fresh clams and as with the tradition on completion of eating your clams you had to smash the Shells on the floor. We then moved into a large dining hall with a stage.

We were served Fresh Salmon which was cooked on an open fire in a traditional manner and treated to a storytelling and Native Dancing session. After lunch we could hike around the island and enjoy the wildlife. I saw the cutest Racoon and managed to get a pic of him sitting quietly in a tree.

We then headed back to the mainland. I made a quick trip to Pike Market to watch the Fish Throwing and pick up some great giant shrimp for dinner.

All in all a great day with fabulous sites.

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