Road trip through Washington pass

Yesterday was a glorious summers day and I got to enjoy a spectacular road trip with Noelle up Washington pass through the Northern Cascades to Diablo then a and to the highest look out point in the mountains.

To say that this is a breathtaking drive is an understatement. The drive included lush green landscape filled with giant trees that have lined this road for hundreds if not thousands of year. The best way I could describe it is that it is like taking a huge breathe of fresh air.

The views and stops along the way were like something out of a painting. The rivers all run down from the glaciers in the mountains and are a beautiful turquoise blue colour and are surrounded by beautiful lush green shrubs and giant trees. The entire journey felt like a mediation that both energised and completely relaxed me at the same time.

Noelle, Brian, Heika and I got to spend an amazing evening together the night before and it was really amazing to reconnect with these special souls. Noelle and I then got up, headed for the whole food market to pack our padkos and then hit the road.

I really do have to say that you are spoilt for choice as to where you may want to go when visiting this beautiful city as it really has so much to choose from. Seattle is currently one of the fastest growing cities with over 1000 people per day moving here.

We meandered along the glacial rivers and up into the beautiful mountains taking in the views of Diablo and Ross Dam. We sat up in the mountains and took in the beautiful landscape while enjoying a healthy picnic and catching up on our lives over the last 10 years.

We then ventured down the mountain and back. Noelle decided to take me on an impromptu detour through Arlington, Darrington. Noelle took me past Oso. I got to see White horse mountain and really was just blown away by the beautiful scenery.

Thanks Noelle for the most blessed day. It really was food for my soul and brought great joy to my heart.

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