Soulful Seattle 

I have landed safely in Seattle and it is like food for my soul.  I love this city.  Known as the Evergreen State, Seattle is one of my favourite cities in the world.   It is a city that grounds me and makes my heart smile

This is only my second time here but it feels amazing to be back.  The last time I was here it was winter and it was covered in snow and so now I am connecting with the beautiful summer city.   Flying into the city alone was just breathtaking with its huge trees, mountains and vast waterways.

As I stepped out of the Arrivals areas, I was greeted by my beautiful, powerful friend Heika.  It was extremely emotional as I have missed her so much and we have both had challenging life journeys over the last few years.

She whisked me straight off to the water and we sat on the deck of an exquisite Restuarant called Anthony’s in Des Moines. We sat on this beautiful rooftop deck and took in the fresh air and view of the Olympics over the Sound.  It felt like I was suddenly grounded again after the franetic energy of Vegas.

Water beautiful trees and a warm welcoming friend, what more can I ask for. We then took a drive along the coast back to Heika’s house and stopped off for a walk through a small forest onto a little private beach.  My idea of pure bliss.

Today I am bit exhausted so gonna just take it easy and will be heading up to Noelle and Brian a bit later to visit them in the mountains. I feel utterly blessed to have such amazing special friends all over the USA and I finally get to connect with them during this pilgrimage.

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