Thanks Sin City I am off

Last night I made an effort to get out and see the craziness of the Strip one last time. And crazy it was.  At 115 Fahrenheit it was like walking in an oven.  I chose to walk as trying to keep the cardio up while I am away and keep the exercise regime up.  

The city was off  the charts last night with a Bruno Mars concert and a huge final of a Poker competition.  I must however say I never did the gambling thing.  I really do struggle with that vibe as I look around and see the magnitude of pensioners sitting at machines gambling away their life savings. I just can’t relate to that. 

I saw the amazing fountain light shows at both the Bellagio and the Volcano show at the Mirage. These happen mostly on the hour and are choreographed to music with amazing lighting design.   

I then took a monorail to “Old Vegas”. This is almost like a light canopy over the original Vegas strip.  It’s very Interesting to see and have lots of casinos and bars too.  I feel like I saw as much as possible while I was here.  

Thanks Sin City for the craziness….. Seattle here I come. 

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