Majestic Grand Canyon

Today I ventured out on my first bus tour in years and headed to the Grand Canyon like a real tourist.  I was very sad that I couldn’t do my planned paddle and helicopter flight into the canyon and to the falls at first but with the heat reaching 115 degrees Fahrenheit it was simply not an option.  So in the spirit of going with the flow I hopped on a tour bus and headed to the Grand Canyon. A 6:30 am pick up outside my hotel by the tour company and I was on my way.

Heading out into the Mojave Desert towards the Grand Canyon all I could think of was CSI Las Vegas and chuckle a bit to myself. I could hear one of my Bookslags girls Carmen, saying don’t worry Captain Jim Brass is on the scene! I could see the series vividly with some murder in the desert. 😂

Laughing out loud when I thought of this had a couple of my fellow travelers look at me strangely. The fact that I was wearing my crazy Gold sunnies probably made them think I was a complete nutter.   The drive however was really enjoyable even if organised tours are not normally my thing.   Sometimes you gotta just be a tourist and do it.

We headed out through Henderson and boulder and stopped at the famous Hoover dam for some pictures and a timed pee stop! Portable toilets my FAVOURITE thing in the world.  I reckoned I would just hold it until our next stop.

We then headed to the smallest weirdest town I think I have ever seen. It’s called Dolan Springs and let me tell you if you had to blink you would miss it.   We then headed into the Joshua Tree Forest on route into the Hualapai Reservation and up to the West Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Our trip included a visit to the Hualapai Ranch, Eagle Point/Skywalk and Guano Point.  Eagle point was really amazing to see the rocks that look like a giant eagle with its wings spread out.

The scenery at Guano point was incredible and a true reminder of the natural beauty across our planet.  It was extremely hot out there and tempretures soared to 115 Fahrenheit.  At that point I was only to happy to hop back on the air conditioned bus.

All in all I would say a really enjoyable day. A long day with very structured stops and a bit like herding cats at times but I must say that whatever way you get to do it,  I would highly recommend a visit to the Grand Canyon to just sit and take in the vast beauty. 

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