The Beautiful Red Road

In many Native American traditions, healing and spirituality are connected to a single process that you can choose to walk either from your childhood to elder status or like me over the last 10 years.

This choice is known as walking the Red Road in modern English terms. The Native America Tribes have extensive diversity and they have their own connection to how they teach and what they teach.  The best way I can explain my journey on this road is that it is the most personal, introspective journey you will take to achieving beauty, balance and harmony in all things.

The Red Road teaches us that adversities of life such as illness, personal loss and other life crises provide an opportunity for spiritual growth and meaning.

I have had people ask me often how it is that I have such faith and belief and the answer is simple but takes dedication and commitment.  I am listening to myself on a daily basis I check in to how I feel and simply allow myself to feel whatever that emotion is completely.   I have found a truly spiritual connection that has provided me with complete and utter surrender to all that is.

In this modern world we are so focused on bottling up our emotions and putting on a face for the world that doesn’t truly reflect the battle going on inside us.  This is not something that serves any of us really as all we are doing is creating a pressure cooker of emotion that eventually will explode.

Part of this amazing journey I am on at the moment is working with various teachers who are helping me to find Beauty, Balance and Harmony through medicine wheel teachings and other ancient teachings.

Yesterday I spent the day doing a beautiful pipe teaching with an amazing community and a sweatlodge with another community. I have been welcomed in with such love and acceptance that I feel truly blessed.

Tonight I shall be meeting another community and will be doing another sweat lodge.

Tomorrow one of my teachers is taking me to the Indian Healing Hot springs in the mountains which I am sure will be truly enlightening.

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