Reconnection and Discovery

Friday 7th July 16:35pm I finally touched down in Denver Colorado.  For the last 32 hours I had been in transit and I am finally here.  It was all kinda surreal to be honest.

When I landed in Dallas I had 2 hours to collect my luggage, get through customs and then get to my connecting flight.   I thought at least I have time for a quick coffee, however I did not realize that to get to my boarding gate I had to take a Sky train to get there.

Following a sprint to the train I managed to make it just in time.   I boarded the flight and then we sat on the runway for 20 minutes.  Its kinda surreal when you realize that the airport requires a 12 minute train ride to your boarding gate.

Arriving in Colorado was filled with great excitement.   Marley and Patrick were waiting with big smiles and welcoming hugs.  Marley Man is so much like his mom and has her incredible vibrant spirit.  He has a beautiful open heart and a laugh that bubbles out of him.    Patrick has created a life for this little guy that is filled with so much love and dedicated attention that it fills my heart with joy.

The weather is warm and the city is filled with wide open spaces and beautiful walks and trails.   We took a walk up to Red Rock Ampi-theatre which certainly challenged both my knees and lungs.   Walking up to the theatre meant that we were at 2000m altitude.  The three main rocks that make up the Amphitheatre are know as “Creation Rock”,  “Stage Rock”, and “Ship Rock”.  It is a truly amazing feeling to stand and look at this magnificent stage and setting for a concert.

I have been blessed to spending special times with Patrick and Marley and have gotten to meet Patrick’s sister and family which has been a truly warm and welcoming experience.   My next journey will be the beginning of my special Native American medicine work with Wes and Victoria.



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