Soul Journey

The Journey Begins –  First Stop USA 

Thursday 6th July – Cape Town International

Its finally here, I am off.  Today I begin a 5 week journey of a life time.  After 7 years of living with this challenging disease I am taking my life back.  I am choosing to live and explore and embrace all that makes my soul smile.

For 10 years I have been walking the Beautiful Red Road, the most introspective journey and a truly challenging one.  This journey has taught me the ways of the Native American Indian people and has shared great wisdom and insight into a lot of what we take for granted in life.

The first stop of my journey has come together seamlessly and I am getting the opportunity to work with 2 incredible teachers who will share their knowledge, time and   experiences with me.   I also get to meet my dear friend Sita’s son Marley and see her husband.  Sita unfortunately lost her fight to cancer before I could see her but now I get to meet her little boy and spend time with her husband.

I then travel onto Los Vegas where I take a helicopter trip to the Grand Canyon and I get to enjoy a few adventures there.  I shall be going into one of the oldest Native Villages located in Havasupai Falls, which no doubt will be a magical experience.

My trip then takes me to Seattle to visit my special friends Heika, Noelle and Brian.  Seattle is one of my favorite cities in the world.  Over the last 7 years while I have been unable to travel due to health issues, Heika has become a mom to 2 beautiful girls and shall finally get to meet them.

From Seattle I am off to my oldest childhood friend Brendan in San Francisco and I shall be meeting his beautiful wife.   While we have had many Skype and Whats App chats I will now finally be meeting the love of my friends life and his new family.   We are going to spend time SUPping, Surfing and adventuring up to Lake Tahoe and many other spots along the way.

The last leg of the USA trip ends with Miami.  Miami is the home of my special friend Evan.  I unfortunately did not get to make to Miami for his wedding to his gorgeous wife Meredith 3 years ago as I had, had a rather challenging time with my health and doctors would not let me fly! Well the wait is over……………… I am finally on my way

4 thoughts on “Soul Journey

  1. Have the best time Mandy! We are all immensely proud of what you have achieved this year! Keep going and enjoy connecting with your dreams. Love you honey xx

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