Change as good as a Holiday!!!

They say change is as good as a holiday! Who the hell are “They” anyway? There is nothing quite like taking an ADHD control freak and telling her she can’t work? WTF? Following some rather challenging health news of late I have been told to stop working in order for my body to heal.  What confuses me is how does a person who generally operates at 300km per hour slow down without a serious amount of disruptions and confusion? I have always been on turbo mode, I have never really done well with switching gear and going slowly. I am now supposed to take things easy, relax, switch my mind off.  Ja right, that is like telling a 4 year after a sweet guzzling, cake chopping birthday party to calm down and go to sleep. Like that’s going to happen without a whole lot of kicking and screaming? I can’t say that I have quite started kicking and screaming but I do tend to act out and engage in chaotic outbursts of excessive Positive Grapery (in layman terms Wine Quaffing) and have been known to accept many reverse charges calls from Mr Cuervo. I generally except the charges of these calls as long as the Tequila is Gold and Ice cold without much protest. This of course is a simple distraction and allows the high-speed brain to slow down just slightly and stop over analysing the situation. The question is the where to from here? I have therefore decided to embark on my very own Shirley Valentine journey. I haven’t quite started talking to wall yet but to prevent me going off my rocker I am going to Greece for a month. The way I see it I shall be relaxing while giving my incredibly overactive mind an opportunity to indulge in the flavours, culture and of course the Positive Grapery of Greece.

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